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There is no point to have a newspaper advertisement or invite business guests to your event, if you have not thought carefully what is actually the role of your listeners, and what might they want to hear or see in order to be happy and interested in your company. Yes! Here you start to think about your specific message and marketing goal within this selected group of people or corporations!<br><br> What is marketing in practice? Analysing your key target groups, creating marketing plans, choosing the right marketing mix, making media plans, and then, plannig and execution of the whole plan! That demands a lot of thinking in order to understand each customer group. After that, marketing is creating all visuals, texts, and advertisements, designing brochures and printed matters, planning events such as seminars, conferences, b2b breakfasts, lunch meetings, business dinners, trade fairs, creating supporting e-materials such as web sites, banners, powerpoint presentations and carefully designed and clear offers, all with full customer perspective - and you will start to reach your target audience, and deliver your message, and now, now you have started to promote your business! And isn't it easy, now when you have all tools you need, credible busines identity, professional business cards, web sites, brochures and good sales materials, high quality printed matters and impressive e-materials with carefully considered and purposeful messages <br> - and all in line with your recently sharpened strategy. <br><br> Do not get worried about the work load. I am a true pro to help you to do all this, as I have a long and versatile experience in demanding marketing projects, both in b2b and b2c markets. <br>Perhaps I will next help your company to reach your important listeners, and succeed? <br> <br> niina 2002<br><br> </p> </DIV> </TD></TR> <TR> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="23%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/consulting.html" class="nappi">BUSINESS -></A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/strategy.html" class="nappi">strategy<br>consulting</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/marketing.html" class="nappi">marketing<br>projects</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/visuals.html" class="nappi">visuals<br>& design</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/publicrelations.html" class="nappi">pr & press<br>contacts</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/cv/" class="nappi">curriculum<br>vitae</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="17%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/contact.html" class="nappi">contact<br>details</A></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="23%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/personal.html" class="nappi">PLEASURE -></A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/moments" class="nappi">captured<br>moments</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/bastufia" class="nappi">krk<br>salongsbt</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/impala" class="nappi">impala<br>sport coup</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/kois" class="nappi">japanese<br>koi carps</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="19%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/puppy" class="nappi">podengo<br>portuguese</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="18%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/home" class="nappi">house &<br>garden</A></TD> </TR> <tr> <td COLSPAN=8 width="680"> <img src="www niina info_visuals_jpg.jpg" alt="[Helping you to get there]"></TD></TR> </TABLE> </BODY> </HTML>