captured moments

This page presents beautuful views and visited places,
and many memorable moments captured during the past years.

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[Summer Brekfast]


[Glenart Castle]




[Dear Sara, Sanni, Oskari & Meri]


[Japanese Garden]

[With colleagues at]

[Show Time!]

[Computerworld Demo]

[Markkinointi&Mainonta Editorial Staff 1996]






[Clock Tower]

[Kilkenny & Colors of Eire]


[Elodie's Present]

[HSE MBAs_1st May 2004]

[HSE MBAs in Suomenlinna 2004]




[Cafe au Lait]

[Söderskär Lighthouse, Porvoo, Finland]

[Captain Maiju @ Söderskär Lighthouse]

[Sauna @ Söderskär]

[Me and Maiju]

[Archipelago View]

[Evening Sun @ Söderskär]

[Markkinointi&Mainonta 10th Anniversary at Studio 51]

[Markkinointi&Mainonta 10th Anniversary at Studio 51]

[Markkinointi&Mainonta 10th Anniversary at Studio 51]

[Saturday Morning at Katja's]

[What Do You Mean?]

[HSE MBA Conference in Stockholm 2004]

[Helsinki International Travel Fair 2005]

[ECCH Case Challenge at Oxford University in April 2005]

[College Yard in Oxford]

[Hiltrud and Niall led the HSE Team to the Campus]

[Spring at Oxford University Campus in April 2005]

[Saīd Business School at Oxford University]

[Analysis on Day One]

[HSE is in the Final! Joy on Day Two]

[Preparing Presentation for the Jury]

[Our Favourite Arena in Front of the Jury]

[Questions & Answers after Conclusions]

[2nd Place in ECCH Case Competition in Oxford in 2005]

[The HSE Silver Team in Oxford in April 2005]

[On the Top of the World @ Söderskär]

[Spring Has Arrived]

[Guests Enjoying the Sun]

[Graduation at Helsinki School of Economics]

[Maxim, Niina and Phil at HSE Graduation Dinner]

[Coffee for Friends & Family]

[HSE MBA & Home Sweet Home]



[At Marina]


[Me and Maiju @ Suomenlinna]

[Cross Country Skiiiiing]


[Ice Monument]

[Kylälahti Bay in March 2006]

[Villinki Island]

[Winter in Veranda]

[Southern Side Better...]

[Villinki Villa Island]

[Helsinki Archipelago at Winter]

[Villa Bergebo]

[Kristallilahti Bay]

['Viipurin kivi!!!']

[Gulf of Finland]

[Villa Widablick]

['Villingin salmi']

[Eira in Winter]

[Uuninluukku, Helsinki in Winter]

[Helsingfors Segelsällskap]

[My Home Island]

[Secret Seaview]

[Family Reunion & Ice Fishing Competition ā la Savo]

[Ice Fishing ā la Niina]

[Not a Single Fish in Lake Saimaa, but...]

[Wappu Lunch at Palace]


[Garden Wakes Up]

['Luutnantin pikkusydän']

[Head-wind, 8 Ŋ knots!]

[Do nothing]

[Sunset] home