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Did they miss your point?<br> Needles to highligt how important this area of expertize can be to your business and fame. This is the reason why you'd better <i>think</i> and make a clever plan before contacting press.<br> <br> After working seven years in the very hectic editorial offices of business newspapers, <br>I am confident in providing professional help and guidance with any issue concerning public relations and contacting press. It might also be a good idea to know a pr consultant or some reporters personally before the very minute you really would need their time.<br><br> Often it is very useful to share ideas with a third party and test how different people could receive your message as you plan to present it. Small nuances do make a big difference. <br>The importance of arresting angle can not be ignored either as every journalist faces tens or hundreds of contacts and press releases - both boring and activating - every single day. <br>That is, when you do have big news, you'd better express it straight.<br><br> By the way, did you know that there is seldom reason to sit and wait for a press coverage, <br>if you just send a press release without a preceding or subsecquent personal contact? <br> <br> niina 2002<br><br> </p> </DIV> </TD></TR> <TR> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="23%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/consulting.html" class="nappi">BUSINESS -></A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/strategy.html" class="nappi">strategy<br>consulting</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/marketing.html" class="nappi">marketing<br>projects</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/visuals.html" class="nappi">visuals<br>& design</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/publicrelations.html" class="nappi">pr & press<br>contacts</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/cv/" class="nappi">curriculum<br>vitae</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="17%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/contact.html" class="nappi">contact<br>details</A></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="23%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/personal.html" class="nappi">PLEASURE -></A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/moments" class="nappi">captured<br>moments</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/bastufia" class="nappi">krk<br>salongsbt</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/impala" class="nappi">impala<br>sport coup</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/kois" class="nappi">japanese<br>koi carps</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="19%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/puppy" class="nappi">podengo<br>portuguese</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="18%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/home" class="nappi">house &<br>garden</A></TD> </TR> <tr> <td COLSPAN=8 width="680"> <img src="www niina info_contact_jpg.jpg" alt="[Helping you to get there]"></TD></TR> </TABLE> </BODY> </HTML>