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Every person and company has some unique features, and several special skills. However, often we do not see these qualities clearly, or really understand that this everyday issue makes us really special. Often we do have problems in identifying either strengths or weaknesses. Often we work so hard that we can not see where we are actually going, or are we developing at all, or is the surrounding world changing - what has been our relative development, or result? And so what, you might say. However, this does have a direct linkage to your earnings and potential. The clearer is your thinking and understanding about your current state and the competitive environment around you, the more focused is your brain and every thought. As an immediate result, this starts to develop your business immediately, as a continuous process.<br><br> And yes, you can learn to see deeper. And you are still unusually good in your own area of interest, and actually much better. So let me first ask a few questions, and then communicate how special you are, first to yourself - encouraging you to truly see your state and strengths realistically, and making you to observe why your customers actually need you, or do they?<br> Even the best of us need outsiders to remind and highlight the rarest skills.<br><br> Helping you to realize your true potential will start to develop your business. Together we can make your key interest groups to really find your company as a reliable partner and as an easy answer to their wishes and concerns.<br><br> Firstly, we will analyse your internal and external situation, have a look at your competitors, and most imporantly, find your special strengths that are rare and behind your success. Then we will analyse your each customer group. Then, we will identify the most profitable business areas, look into your resources and processes, sharpen your strategy, set goals, improve your credibility, answer to customers' needs, use your customers' world, words and perspective, communicate how you help them, and you will all meet your targets.<br><br> While I motivate you to recognize your potential, and make you to understand and 'utilize' your customers' concerns in your business - you will get there. <br><br> However, there is no reason to be happy with that. Only a continuous development is enough to keep us in the same place - related to the other advanced persons and companies - as everybody is creating better and better ways to do their business, and launching better and better products. If somebody is a market leader today, it only takes a few months or years that this once speciality has become a normal standard in the industry. And there are new ideas and new entrants with high ambitions. That is, we must think really hard and "run" when we truly want to develop, and improve our relative position in the race. That is, when we want to win market share, find new customers and attract our interest groups, we must be faster and more innovative, think clearly, and advance continuously, compared to all our neighbours.<BR> <BR> <b>PROCESS OF SHARPENING YOUR STRATEGY, DEVELOPING YOUR STRATEGIC THINKING, AND MEETING YOUR GOALS</B><BR><BR> <b>&#149; </b> Existing strengths and key competences <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Realistic view on current internal and external environments <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Sharpened strategy <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Clearer goals and thinking <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Inspired people <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Strategic messages and marketing <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Full customer perspective <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Understandable products and business <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Clearly communicated benefits <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Professional communications <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Purposeful and credible visual design <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Consistent identity and appearance <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Increased business credibility <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Better business and customers <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Motivating mutual success <b>&#149; </b> <br> <b>&#149; </b> Higher profits <b>&#149; </b> <br><br> niina 2002<br><br> </p> </DIV> </TD></TR> <TR> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="23%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/consulting.html" class="nappi">BUSINESS -></A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/strategy.html" class="nappi">strategy<br>consulting</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/marketing.html" class="nappi">marketing<br>projects</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/visuals.html" class="nappi">visuals<br>& design</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/publicrelations.html" class="nappi">pr & press<br>contacts</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/cv/" class="nappi">curriculum<br>vitae</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="17%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/contact.html" class="nappi">contact<br>details</A></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="23%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/personal.html" class="nappi">PLEASURE -></A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/moments" class="nappi">captured<br>moments</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/bastufia" class="nappi">krk<br>salongsbt</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/impala" class="nappi">impala<br>sport coup</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="20%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/kois" class="nappi">japanese<br>koi carps</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="19%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/puppy" class="nappi">podengo<br>portuguese</A></TD> <TD CLASS="navigointi" width="18%" align="center"><A HREF="http://www.ihalines.fi/niina/home" class="nappi">house &<br>garden</A></TD> </TR> <tr> <td COLSPAN=8 width="680"> <img src="www niina info_contact_jpg.jpg" alt="[Helping you to get there]"></TD></TR> </TABLE> </BODY> </HTML>