Ships for rent

Various different kind of vessels for rent

Many kind of ships available for business and public sector and for private people and for family celebrations.

The largest variety of different kind of ships and vessels for rent

The smallest vessels are suitable for admiring the narrow straits within the scenic Helsinki Archipelago, and the most seaworthy special vessels can take you even to the most remote tranquil islands in the outer archipelago.

On board the largest flagships, all kinds of quality events can be organized, even with the finest menu and potential entertainment. Or, on board the historical sailing ships, or on a genuine steam ship, you can sense the old times charm. The choice is yours.

The biggest company events and festive receptions can be best organized on board our elegant flagships, m/s Doris and m/s Doris II, with airy and large saloons, very high quality interior and materials, perfect sea view, and true authentic ship kitchens serving finest Nordic cuisine to match your event, and to pamper and surprise your guests – even with live entertainment, and your ideas!

Sometimes the feeling, or nostalgic history, is the correct attribute for a very special event. When you wish to enjoy rich atmosphere, and reach the characteristic nature of the archipelago, or maritime history, then you can take your guests to a very special scenic destination within the outer archipelago, experience a little adventure, enjoy the most peaceful landscapes, ideal for team building, or pampering those busy people you can not possibly impress. Take them to the smooth looking rocky landscapes, with the sense of tough simple life, and imagine the sometimes rough conditions, next to the open sea, and climb to the roof of a historical lighthouse, where you can see further than you actually can. There is enough room for new thoughts and fresh ideas, and perspective to stimulate your daily doings, perhaps even understand better the big picture of each individual life, and remember your loved ones, willing to share the special moment with them.

An other good option is to organize a private cruise on board the old historical ships. A true sailing onboard the large historical wooden sailing ships is an experience closest to old times, naval history, and the stories of ancient explorers – you can sense the silent whispers from the wind. Also the nostalgic beauty, and the romantic, but still functional details of the sailing ships, Astrid and Svanhild, easily inspire your imagination to travel through the centuries, far enough from quartal statements. Or how was life and the passenger ship traffic on the age of Tzar, more than a hundred years ago, when Finland was an autonomous grand duchy of Russia? When you step on board a historical museum ship, the genuine steam ship s/s Norrkulla, build in 1911, she will let you know.

Your favourite menu, from basic island trip luncheons to festive high quality buffets, meals and catering – breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks, cocktails – Nordic and international, or with special themes, can be organized to all of the vessels. To some of the vessels, you can even bring your own snacks and drinks if you wish. However, with the help of professional catering services, you can make your life easier, and you can concentrate on enjoying your event, socialising, networking, hosting, pampering, rewarding, celebrating, relaxing – enjoying your cruise.

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