IHA-Lines Ltd Helsinki Cruises is a recognised Helsinki Archipelago specialist
– The Service Company of the Year 2018, Winner of Helsinki City Environmental Award 2010

IHA-Lines Ltd Helsinki Cruises is an established and reliable one-stop-shop, cruise operator and trusted partner for business and pleasure, wishing to have memorable maritime moments – easily, with high quality.

IHA-Lines Helsinki Cruises provides tens of excellent ways to enjoy and explore the Helsinki Archipelago, sit down and relax, enjoy the scenery, sea, Nordic cuisine, and service on board – just to spend pleasurable quality time, with your special people.

  • Scheduled Helsinki Cruises: Helsinki Sightseeing Cruises, Lunch Cruises, Dinner Cruises
  • Private Events: tailor-made private cruises, to match individual goals and themes

This private company is the most well known for its scheduled high-quality tours within the archipelago, i.e. Helsinki Cruises, Lunch Cruises and Dinner Cruises, operated from the Market Square, heart of Helsinki, from May to September. In addition, hundreds of tailored private events are organised annually to match guests’ individual wishes, goals, schedule, theme, and budget.

The vast majority of the guests are local Helsinki people, business and public sector, organising something nice to their guests, customers, co-operation partners, personnel, friends, and families.

The Service Company of the Year Award
Vuoden palveluyritys, Årets serviceföretag, Vuoden uusmaalainen yritys 2018
”The Service Company of the Year, IHA-Lines Ltd Helsinki Cruises is a family run company that has a long history in providing high-quality services, and is supporting the internationalization of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area by it’s excellent service concept, and is showing and presenting Helsinki, and is introducing the archipelago, to all visitors and business guests.” ”The company has been investing in the high-quality services, but furthermore, and in addition, IHA-Lines has invested strongly in safety, and environmental sustainability.”
– Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce & The Federation of Finnish Enterprises within Helsinki, Greater Helsinki Area, and within Uusimaa Metropolitan Area, 22 November 2018, The Parliament of the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region, Helsinki

The Helsinki City Environmental Award
Helsingin kaupungin ympäristöpalkinto 2010, Helsingfors stads miljöpris 2010
”In its operations, IHA-Lines Helsinki Cruises has paid attention to the natural maritime environment of the Baltic Sea and shown an example to others.”
– City of Helsinki, 9 April 2010, Helsinki City Hall, Empire Hall

SAFETY Safety is the number one priority in all operations, and the company has invested heavily in the best possible ships, operated by trusted top people, certified professional crew. All the scheduled tours are operated by the newest and safest small ships in Finland, the most advanced cruisers even on the global level. For instance, the m/s Doris and m/s Doris II, have been huge investments, built to be as safe and of as high quality as possible – these larger new generation dinner cruises are the very only little ships in the country with modern, clearly safer hull structure with several departments, and in general, meeting the very high SOLAS requirements, the new stricter 2008 EU safety and quality standards, and truly exceeding the general level in the industry. For you this all gives for instance, opportunities to enjoy even the most remote tranquil islands with amazingly calming landscapes, even in the outer archipelago.

QUALITY • This trusted local company has been recommended by Visit Finland / The Finnish Tourist Board on an eleven subsequent years, in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 (all the years measured), due to the measured very high guest satisfaction, researched in the regular Quality1Q00 guest satisfaction surveys. The company has a quality management system that supports lifelong learning and constant development: the company collects annually around 4 000 – 10 000 guest answers and opinions in order to really know what guests have been thinking and in order to learn from their experiences, for improvements, and to be utilised in the personnel training as case examples, for deeper understanding, and shared goals.

ENVIRONMENT • IHA-Lines Ltd Helsinki Cruises has been awarded by its environmental care, environmental investments, and responsibility: the company is the proud Winner of the Helsinki City Environmental Award 2010: ”In its operations, IHA-Lines Helsinki Cruises has paid attention to the natural maritime environment of the Baltic Sea and shown an example to others.” The company has an audited EMS (environment management system) and the latest certificate until 2019.

STORYThe Ihalainen family started its cruise operations as a very small boat transportation company, operating passenger traffic to the small islands in the Southern Helsinki, and then gained government contracts to the most remote military islands, to which the company operated daily traffic over two decades, in the very demanding outer archipelago conditions. In addition, all kind of private cruises, island trips, fishing trips, company events, and excursions for tourist groups were organized with the highest hospitality that was possible. Earlier, before starting the company, the founder entrepreneur had been living on islands, and working in large shipping companies and in very dangerous oil tanker operations internationally, and in smaller domestic passenger cruise line companies. The other founder entrepreneur had her roots as a servant in a diplomat family, then as a customer servant, waitress, and chef in restaurants. As native islanders, and as descendants of a fisherman, the family truly knew the genuine charm of the calming archipelago nature, and the joy of relaxed boat trips on holidays, and the delicious taste of fresh fish – all part of the honest IHA-Lines Helsinki Cruises experience. During the years, the company has grown, and build several masterpiece vessels, and many people have contributed to the development, with big hearts, enjoyment of guests’ pleasure, and passion for higher quality, and personal development. Also, the guests have been developing and challenging the company with their endless amount of stunning ideas. Today the awarded company has been a market leader and in the first phase of industry development for several decades, sharing the family values and heritage, and the unquestionable love towards the archipelago, to tens of thousands of cruise guest annually.

When you want to trust the best possible cruise line with the highest principles and profound quality, you are at the right place. Our old and original slogan determines well our highest top priorities: Safely, reliably and pleasurably since 1979. Welcome on board IHA-Lines Helsinki Cruises.