s/s Norrkulla

A genuine historical steam ship build in 1911

A genuine real stem ship, only of its kind in Helsinki. The charming s/s Norrkulla has the most nostalgia in Helsinki, as she has been sailing here already in 1920’s. Let s/s Norrkulla create a sophisticated athmosphere to your special private event. Enjoy the incredibly slow speed and explore the loveliest nearby routes around the city. 

This carefully restored museum steam ship is today living her new youth as a beautiful passenger ship. Originally she was built in Finland during the Russian period in 1911, when Finland was an autonomous Grand Dutchy under the Tzar of Russia. Today s/s Norkulla is the last remaining passenger steam ship that has operated in Helsinki. During the decades this beautiful ship has been sailing around the Gulf of Finland, as well as on Lake Saimaa.

This absolutely soft and elegant experience leads you to the 1920’s – perhaps with a jazz trio playing classic evergreens. The biggest salong for 30 guests, in addition two smaller salons and a sun deck. Ideal ship for company events, PR, anniversaries and small wedding receptions. Authentic ship kitchen. High-quality catering according to your wishes. Several ready menu proposals available.

Recommended for 10-60 guests, cocktail-events 60+ (max 80 passangers).