Safety is the number one priority in all operations

The company has a long history of voluntarily investing heavily in the best possible equipment and ships – operated by trusted top people, certified professional crew.

All the scheduled tours are operated by the newest and safest small ships in Finland, the most advanced cruisers even on the global level, and the first ones to meet the newest EU regulations. Company has International Safety Management Code (ISM Code) to enhance the safety organisation on board ships and prevent the pollution of the marine environment.

For instance, the flagships of the company, m/s Doris and m/s Doris II, have been huge investments, built to be as safe and of as high quality as possible. These larger new generation dinner cruises are the very only little ships in the country with modern, clearly safer hull structure with several segregated watertight sections, and in general, meeting the very high SOLAS requirements (Safety of Life at Sea, international maritime safety treaty), the new stricter 2008 EU safety and quality standards, and truly exceeding the general level in the industry. The IMS Code has been drafted and adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and it has been incorporated in the SOLAS Convention.

An other example from the long history of voluntary safety investments is the safety equipment, such as life rafts. The company bought its first real life rafts in 1982 – equipment that is still not general standard in the industry, nor requested by the authorities in the passenger traffic in the archipelago – over 30 years after the company did set its own internal safety standards higher.

Also, a third simple example of safety as a top priority: all the modern outer archipelago vessels and cruisers, that have all been the masterpiece vessels in the industry when they have been build, smaller m/s Merisaukko and m/s Merisaraste, and larger m/s Doris, and m/s Doris II: all these ships have twin engines – double reliability.

As a fourth example, the founder entrepreneur mr Jorma Ihalainen has been known for his invention, the cold water safety suit, which he patented and he was developing in his early career. Today the cold water safety suit is a mandatory standard piece of equipment for all crew members in all commercial and cargo ships around the globe, by IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulation.

For you this dedication to do everything possible for higher safety, gives for instance, opportunities to enjoy even the most remote tranquil islands with amazingly calming landscapes, even in the outer archipelago, which can be reached by vessels and ships of high standards.