Onboard Menu List

~ valid on the scheduled and charter cruises on board m/s Doris & m/s Doris II ~
~ subject to alterations, all the details might not always be up to date ~

Starters 1/2 / 1/1
Helsinki Fish Plate (cold fish dishes, slightly salted salmon, herring, baltic herring, smoked salmon and boiled potatoes) 14,00
Toast of Smoked Reindeer (cold smoked reindeer, red onion, granberries) 7,00
Finlandia Delicacy Plate (cold starter plate, cold smoked reindeer, fish eggs, slightly salted salmon, herrings) 10,00
Chanterelle Cream Soup 9,00 / 14,00
Salmon Soup 7,00 / 12,00
Main Dishes
Grilled Salmon 24,00
— Lobster Sauce
Vegetable Casserole in Season 24,00
— Seasons Best Vegetables
Pepper Steak 30,00
— Cream Sauce with Pepper
Roasted Beast of Duck 26,00
— Madeira Sauce
Fish of the Day in Season 30,00
— white fish/arctic charr/pike perch/perch
Fillet of Reindeer 32,00
— Game Sauce
Apple Pie 6,50
— Vanilla sauce
Warm Finnish Bread Cheese 7,00
— Finnish Berries, Cream Sauce
Blueberry Sorbet 6,00
— Classic sorbet
Ice cream bowl 6,50
— Vanilla Ice-Cream, Strawberry Jam, Peach
Children’s Menu
Frankfurters 8,00
Children´s Minute Steak 12,00
Salmon Steak 10,00

Classic Menu
— Starter: Helsinki cold fish plate
— Main Course: Roasted Breast of Duck OR Peppersteak OR Vegetarian main course
— Dessert: Apple Pie, Vanilla Sauce
Finlandia Menu
— Starter: Chanterelle soup
— Main Course: Fish of the Day in Season OR Fillet of Reindeer OR Vegetarian main course
— Dessert: Warm Finnish Bread Cheese

[Reliably since 1979]

Safely, reliably and pleasurably since 1979