Popular examples

These examples can be modified — from basic to luxury

These favourite examples will give you a good idea of the possibilities the private cruises and the Helsinki Archipelago can offer for you and your guests.

Even if these are examples of the best practices, the private events are typically tailored to match your individual wishes — at least your preferred time and place of departure!

Tailor-made private events to meet your needs to invite, entertain and pamper your guests
— Brunch and lunch cruises & events
— Festive dinners & receptions
— Conference side programmes
— Family celebrations, birthdays & weddings
— Nostalgic steam ship cruises
— Sailing onboard historical wooden sailing ships
— Pampering & rewarding the personnel
— Small budget examples, the tiny m/s Emilia starting from 450 eur (for 2 hours)
— Island excursions & interesting destinations to visit
— Scenic lighthouse island of Söderskär
— Your own ideas, tailor-made
NEW BROCHURE 2015 (introductions in English next to the «UK» flags» on each page)
Printed programme (2015 examples), event examples on pages 12-33:
Please see the ideas with latest example budgets on pages 12-33 >>

Your goals, and the aspired level of arrangements, service, and budget, can be considered. There are also tens of other alternatives, even additional destinations, entertainment providers, saunas, premises, ships and vessels, not mentioned on this web site. However, we have noticed in practice that many people prefer being efficient. The ideal process is very simple, and everyone saves time.

  1. …let’s think and discuss your event once well, for a minute or two, together
  2. …after a short conversation, your cruise arrangements will soon be ready for your confirmation
  3. …(if there even are any changes) confirm the number of guests one week earlier
  4. …welcome on board..!