À la carte-meny

Onboard Menu List

~ valid on the scheduled and charter cruises on board m/s Doris & m/s Doris II ~
~ subject to alterations, all the details might not always be up to date ~

Helsinki Fish Plate (cold fish dishes, slightly salted salmon, herring, baltic herring, smoked salmon and boiled potatoes)
25,00 €

Salmon Salad
22,00 €

Tofu Salad 22,00

Goat Cheese Salad 22,00

Grilled Fish 34,00 – Lobster Sauce

Vegetable Main Course in Season 27,00 – Seasons Best Vegetarian

Pepper Steak 34,00 – Cream Sauce with Pepper

Fish of the Day in Season 34,00 – white fish/arctic charr/pike perch/perch

Children’s Menu: Frankfurters 14,00

Children’s Menu: Salmon Steak 14,00

Apple Pie – Vanilla sauce 9,00

Blueberry Sorbet, – Classic sorbet 9,00

Ice cream bowl, Old Times Vanilla Ice-Cream 9,00

Classic Menu

– Starter: Helsinki cold fish plate
– Main Course: Roasted Breast of Duck OR Peppersteak OR Vegetarian main course
– Dessert: Apple Pie, Vanilla Sauce


Finlandia Menu

– Starter: Chanterelle soup
– Main Course: Fish of the Day in Season OR Fillet of Reindeer OR Vegetarian main course
– Dessert: Warm Finnish Bread Cheese
Beforehand booking via office, price from the office

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