paradise islands under the surface

[Three Rocks Reef]

[Pulau Tioman]

[Favourite Drinks]

[Raya Yai]

[Phi Phi Lay Lagoon]

[Maya Bay]

[Palm Trees]

[Hidden Beaches]

[Water Proof Bar]

[Hot Nights]

[Sea Side Dinner]

[Fire Shows]

[Nine Thousand Kilometers Away]

[Weird Drinks]

[Impressive Speed]

[COOL Clubs]

[Late Night Snacks..?]


[Swims without Tropical Rain]


[Hotel at Krabi]

[Do Nothing...]

[...and Have a Low Fat Lunch :-)]

[Sea View from the Mountains]

[Take a Bus to Singapore or KL...]

[No Connections to Sosua Beach]

[Blue Lagoons]

[Fish EVERYWHERE! Shoal in Caribbean, Dive Photo]

[Beach Street Trees]

[Danish Menu...]

[Hanafi's Long Tail]

[The Amazing World under the Surface]

[Practical Diving Shoes]

[Do not Disturb...]

[...nor Dream about a Free Lunch!]


[The First Day of Holiday, after a 26-Hour Trip]

[The Crab Was Here]

[Koh Poda]

[Piña Colada]

[Return to Phi Phi Lay in 2005]

[Swimming with the Fish]

[No Mask]

Koh Hei, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Raya Yai, and many more, Thailand
Three Rocks Reef and many more, Republica Dominica
Pulau Tioman, Malaysia home