m/s Doris II

World-class & EU forerunner, and the highest-quality and finest dinner cruiser in Helsinki

This elegant dinner cruiser is ideal for company events, receptions and island excursions. Airy and elegant large sea view saloon, in which all the guests are in the same space – ideal for speeches and potential programme, or entertainment, both in business events and in private celebrations.

This very high quality ship is a world-class forerunner and for example the safety and environmental investments in this vessel show world-class example. The company and this ship has been awarded for its environmental investments as the Winner of the Helsinki City Environmental Award 2010.

This ship has top chefs and a high quality à la carte restaurant with professionally equipped authentic ship kitchen. The ship has got excellent reviews in the quality research surveys in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. In 2011 the ship was the winner of the Iltasanomat lunch review among the cruise ships (a mystery shopper test by journalists in the main afternoon paper of the country). Not only the interior, cuisine, and the service quality, but also the technical safety, fire safety and quality exceed the industry standard. This new generation dinner cruiser is as safe and reliable as possible and also environmental friendly, and has a twin engines, and a modern, clearly safer hull structure with several segregated watertight sections, and in general, this ship meets the very high SOLAS requirements (Safety of Life at Sea, international maritime safety treaty), and the new stricter 2008 and 2017 EU safety and quality standards, and clearly exceeds the general level in the industry. Many large corporations and government guest groups have their own policy of the safety and quality standards that only this vessel is able to meet.

Recommended for 1-84 VIP guest, 1 – 90 guests in receptions, cocktails max recommendation 110 guests, and max recommendation 90-100 guests in recreational trips (max capacity 195).