Winner of the Helsinki City Environmental Award

IHA-Lines Ltd Helsinki Cruises has been awarded by its environmental culture, environmental investments, and responsibility: the company is the proud Winner of the Helsinki City Environmental Award 2010:

”In its operations, IHA-Lines Helsinki Cruises has paid attention to the natural
maritime environment of the Baltic Sea and shown an example to others.” 

The company has an audited EMS (environment management system) called EcoCompass. In practice, this means, for instance, that the teams have been evaluating company’s influence to the environment, efficiency, energy consumption, and gone through all processes, and made improvements and an action plan, and concise and comprehensible orientation materials to all positions – how to share best practices, and to pay attention, measure and minimize the negative effects of the operations to the environment.

More importantly, the whole company culture has always been carrying out the principle of very sensible and sustainable use of all resources, absorbing and breathing common sense, from the beginning of the company history. This value is very close to the simple life in the archipelago and on board ships – both environments, in which people have understood the limited amount of resources, long before the world started to truly value and understand the need for efficient use of resources.

In addition, IHA-Lines Ltd Helsinki Cruises has voluntarily invested in the best technology and additional equipment reducing the negative effects to the environment. One example is, that the new flag ship m/s Doris II does not release even a drop of wastewater to the Baltic Sea, not even grey waters, such as potato cooking water. All waste water is collected to tanks and processed in the Helsinki City wastewater treatment plant.

  • Winner of the Helsinki City Environmental Award 2010
  • Audited EMS (environment management system) EcoCompass
  • The latest audited EMS certificate is valid until 31 October 2019
  • ISM Code: to protect the environment
  • Itämerihaaste – The Baltic Sea Challenge programme: company’s own action plan