Experienced line managers and top people – responsible for all aspects of your cruise

Our experienced line managers and heads of service and operations do work hands on during the season – running operations, close to the guests, our people, and within service and business development.

We hire and empower smart, self-driven top people that are responsible for their work.
We play together: our managers are assistants, and assistants are managers – in order to make your cruise experience take place safely, reliably and pleasurably.

We typically agree all the potential issues by phone or e-mail instead of face-to-face negotiations, and very seldom agree any personal meetings, as it is much more time efficient to discuss and agree issues without meeting arrangements and time and journeys to the appointments. In some cases, as when starting a new co-operation, or when having guests as press or media representatives, we also prefer to gain personal trust and learn to know people better by personal appointments.

Please make all reservations, event arrangements and equivalent enquiries via our cruise office: the persons responsible for running the office and cruise arrangements have excellent language skills, years of experience and university level education, and they can manage all daily issues and without doubt even the most important world class events with highest demands and trust.

IHA-Lines Oy Ltd Helsinki Cruises
Meritullintori 6 · 00170 Helsinki · Finland
+358 (0)9 6874 5050 · ihalines@ihalines.fi

IHA-Lines Ltd Helsinki Cruises is a trusted private company and established cruise operator, which has specialized in scheduled high-quality sightseeing, lunch and dinner cruises – and private maritime events for business and pleasure. Our old slogan states well our principles: Safely, reliably and pleasurably since 1979. In addition, we trust in quality and learning, and value environment.

Niina Ihalainen
P a r t n e r ,   B o a r d   M e m b e r
– HSE MBA, BBA, Aalto University Alumna
– Skipper in domestic waterborne traffic / Ship’s 3rd Mate
Personal mobile +358 (0)40 760 9035
E-mail niina.ihalainen@ihalines.fi